Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

We promote healthy living habits. How to manage money, organizational skills, personal hygiene, time management, and nutritional skills. Along with coping skills, task completion skills and psychiatric stability, academic and vocational skills, and social skills.

Outpatient Groups (OP)

These are therapeutic visits between the therapist and the patient at least three and no more than fifteen individual participants with a common goal. We have specific groups that allow people who are dealing with similar issues to come together and discuss what real life problems are caused by this issue and solutions to this problem along with encouragement from peers and realizing that you are not alone in this world.

Intensive Outpatient Groups (IOP)

These groups are like Outpatient groups meaning they are a safe place to discuss the problem you are having with a licensed counselor and your peers. However, everyone is different and sometimes you need a little more time and encouragement and there is never anything wrong with that. This is an option!

Health Home

We assist in improving overall wellness through a whole person approach to addressing behavioral, somatic, physical, and social needs. We connect participants with the support and services they need to improve lives in all aspects of your life,

Coordination of Care

Where through one point of contact all the patient needs are handled,